Hot Topics in Ag

htotopicsinagWhat are the latest things buzzing around the Ag industry? From studies to the newest products, we’ve got the updates you need to stay in the loop!

Fastline Study: 25% of 1000+ acre Farmers Use Social Media During Operations

  • Fastline Publications has released their survey of large acreage Farmers about their mobile device usage. The study found that 25 percent of use social media during their operations. Additionally, the top two uses of a smartphone while operating agriculture equipment are “talking on the phone” (74.62%) and “weather” (73.08%). To see the full results, download the full report here:


Harvest Wrapping Up – 84% of corn, 91% of Beans Harvested

  • According to Brownfield Ag news, the finish line is in sight for our Farmers. 84 percent of corn is harvested this year, compared to 97 percent at this time last year. 91 percent of soybeans have been harvested, compared to 95 percent last year. Winter wheat is also on good track, with Continue reading “Hot Topics in Ag”

The Lucky Ones – Our First Two Contest Winners!

  For the past few months, Fastline has been running their 35 Year Anniversary Giveaway where those who enter can win $5000 towards equipment from a Fastline advertiser! We are so excited to see the participation in this giveaway, and we are even more excited to announce our first two winners!! Fastline would like to congratulate Bob Frenock of Toledo, OR and Mike Bristol of Edmond, OK … Continue reading The Lucky Ones – Our First Two Contest Winners!

A Helping Hand – When Farmers Step In

All too often, Farmers receive more flak for what they are doing wrong or not well enough, rather than what they are doing right. We’re here to share two stories of how Farmers continue to help out their community, especially for those in need. Fallen Farmer When David Fiege was suddenly and tragically killed in a farm accident a little over a week ago, his … Continue reading A Helping Hand – When Farmers Step In