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   Hogan Walker LLC is a John Deere dealer with facilities situated in northeastern Illinois. The company came into being in December 1997 upon the merger of 2 neighboring dealer organizations. Hogan Implement Company based in Dwight, Illinois and Walker Sales, Inc. based in Morris, Illinois.

Hogan Implement Company Background

 Two brothers and farm businessmen, Richard and Rodney Hogan, founded the firm. The company was named Hogan Implement Company and opened for business in January of 1973 after the purchase of  an existing John Deere dealership. This dealership, known as Clem Steichen and Sons, had been in Dwight, Illinois for over 65 years. After a few years of operation, their sons Sean and Michael became the major owners and operators of the business.
    Hogan Implement Company was dedicated to providing the very best customer service possible. The Hogan family established this as a primary goal at the very inception of the organization. Because of their roots in farming (dating back to the 1800's in the United States) the family has long realized the importance of skillful and timely equipment repair. This principle was firmly entrenched in the basic precepts of the company.
   Over the years the company strove to increase sales in good times and bad. Growth resulted from two approaches. First of all the business worked to expand sales in the Dwight trade area. The second approach was to expand the trade area itself through the acquisition of neighboring John Deere dealers that became available for sale.

Walker Sales, Inc. Background
 Dick Walker founded Walker Sales, Inc. Prior to the formation of the company he had spent time working for Hyster Corporation. Having been raised on a farm in Mazon, Illinois, the urge to return to agriculture remained with him over the years. The opportunity to follow his dream was realized by becoming a John Deere dealer.
  Walker Sales began in July of 1973 after Dick was awarded a John Deere dealership for Morris, Illinois. What began in a 7200 square foot rented building in Morris, Illinois, grew to a new building five miles north of Morris in 1974. Over the years and several building additions, the facilities developed into a 28,000 square foot facility.
  The company was able to increase sales through the years by being dedicated to details. Most importantly Walker Sales made certain that every one of its customers was the recipient of the very best the Walker Sales and John Deere Company had to offer. Complete customer satisfaction became the goal that was constantly strived for.
   In the summer of 1997 Sean Hogan, Michael Hogan, Dick Walker, along with Dick's son Brian, entered into a series of meetings whereby they explored the possibility of joining forces. The outcome of those discussions was the formation of Hogan Walker LLC in December of that year.
  The combination produced a company with 4 store locations. Dwight, Morris and Peotone held contracts for agriculture and commercial & consumer equipment. The store in Bourbonnais sold and serviced commercial & consumer equipment. The first priority of the ownership group was the integration of the whole organization into a cohesive operating entity. This task was accomplished through the cooperation, hard work, and perseverance of each and every Hogan Walker  employee.
  There were obviously many reasons for the merger. However reasons alone will not lead to a successful union. A solid partnership requires similar business interests and philosophies. The Hogan Walker principals and staff share those. Dedication to maintaining the very highest standard of ethical business practices, and ongoing commitment to providing the very best in customer service, is the foundation upon which the company was built.

Hogan Walker Today
 Hogan Walker currently operates 5 dealerships in the state of Illinois located south and west of the Chicago metropolitan area. Each store retains a contract to sell and service agriculture, commercial & consumer equipment, and skid steer loaders for John Deere Company. Locations starting from north to south are, Somonauk, Morris, Dwight, Manteno, and Watseka. The Dwight store functions as the administrative hub for the organization.
 Hogan Walker realizes that the past creates a solid foundation for the future. That foundation started in 1973 and was built by offering and delivering the very best in equipment and service. The success of the company depends on its customers, and those customers will demand that the company deliver on it's promises. Hogan Walker fully intends to fulfill those agreements.
 The world is changing, technology is advancing, and Hogan Walker is ready to stay ahead of the ever-changing marketplace. Our customers are cutting- edge. John Deere equipment has always led the industry in innovations to meet those customers' needs. Hogan Walker promises that its products and customer support will be fashioned to deliver on their pledge. Hogan Walker offers new and used John Deere row crop tractors, 4WD tractors, Utility tractors and compact tractors from all our locations.

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