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 0 Ford TW-15 found 

Ford Tractors

Synonymous with integrity, trust, and toughness, Ford tractors are associated with America's agricultural heritage. With their appeal stretching across generations of property owners, Ford tractors figure prominently on Fastline's seller offerings. Whether you're seeking a specific model, or you want to browse through all the Ford models listed, Fastline delivers one of the most comprehensive databases for used Ford tractors for sale on the Internet. Ford tractor models have evolved considerably since the Ford 8N of the 1950s. From the 9680s of the mid-1990s to the 2010 Ford 8670, you can find dependable used Ford tractors that are still capable of efficient operations around your property. Collectors prize antique Ford tractors, those manufactured from the 1930s through the 1960s. Prices for these antique models depend not only on the model and manufacturing year, but also on the tractor's condition. An antique tractor that resembles a museum piece will likely fetch a higher selling price than a tractor that has been well used and might have had parts replaced throughout its operating life. More contemporary Ford tractor models in the 2000 to 4000 series range, which were manufactured after 1965, carry three-cylinder diesel engines. The 5000 series models feature four-cylinder diesel engines. In 1986, Ford purchased agricultural equipment manufacturer New Holland and sold both Ford tractors and New Holland equipment. In 1991, Ford sold its Ford-New Holland line to Fiat, and by 2000, Ford's name was no longer being imprinted on tractor equipment. The 1990s-era tractors are typically of the 40-Series, featuring Powerstar engines. The four-model 60-Series became the first tractor to unite Powerstar engines with Fiat Group rear axles. If you're looking for a reliable used Ford tractor, look to Fastline for a searchable database of Ford tractors that can complement to your roster of farm equipment.