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 5 Bush Hog Finish Mowers foundShowing 1 - 51  
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 5 Bush Hog Finish Mowers foundShowing 1 - 51  
Let Fastline connect you to used finish mower sellers on the largest searchable agricultural equipment database online. You'll find used finish mowers for sale from major manufacturers such as Bush Hog, Farm King, Frontier, John Deere, and Rhino. Browse the offerings from the sellers listed below; you'll find all the specs you need to compare mower types, plus photos of the equipment. Have a question or comment about a product? Click the email seller link to reach the seller directly. Unlike disc or sickle mowers, which property owners use to cut coarse grasses or make hay, finish mowers provide a mowing job with its finishing touches. Contractors, lawn-care professionals, and acreage owners with large lawns use finishing mowers to give landscapes a neat, manicured look. While cutting heights can vary based on the manufacturer, finish mower cutting heights average between 1 to 6 inches. Frames and hitches make these mowers versatile additions to your equipment tool shed. Finish mowers follow ground contours for more efficient cutting and offer protection from obstacles that might impede your cutting path. Offset wheels help you avoid compacting the soil and leaving tire tracks on lawns or in fields. As with any mower, maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment. Regularly check to make sure blades are sharp, guards are functional, and chains and breakaway latches are secure. Proper maintenance now can prevent expensive repairs in the future. When you're in the market for new and used finishing mowers, turn to Fastline for one of the Internet's most comprehensive sources for mowing equipment. Our database allows you to compare seller pricing at a glance, which can help you make a more informed decision when you're ready to buy a piece of equipment for your acreage, farm, or property.
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