Air Conditioning Compressor - Denso Style, New, John Deere, AT168543

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Air Conditioning Compressor - Denso Style, New, John Deere, AT168543
Stock Number
  • Fits John Deere Industrial LR612, LR614, TC44H, TC54H, TC62H, 250D, 300, 444H, 444HLL, 444J, 444JR, 444K, 524K, 544H, 544HLL, 544J, 544K, 608B, 608L, 608S, 624H, 624HLL, 624J, 624K, 624KR, 644H, 644J, 644K, 670C, 670CH, 670D, 670GP, 672CH, 672D, 672G, 672GP, 700H, 700J, 703G, 703J, 703JH, 724J, 724K, 744K, 750C, 750C II, 750J, 753G, 753GL, 755D, 759G, 762A, 762B, 764, 770C, 770CH, 770D, 770G, 772CH, 772D, 772G, 772GP, 810D, 824K, 844J, 844K, 850C, 850C II, 850J, 850JR, 853G, 853J, 853JH, 870D, 870G, 870GP, 872D, 872G, 872GP, 903G, 903J, 903JH, 903K, 903KH, 909J, 909JH, 909K, 909KH, 950, 953G, 953J, 953K, 959J, 959K, 970D, 1010D, 1010E, 1070D, 1070E, 1110D, 1110E, 1170E, 1210E, 1270D, 1270E, 1410D, 1470D, 1470E, 1490D, 1510E, 1710D, 1711D, 1910E
  • Replaces OEM No. AT168543, AT172975, AT226273, SE501819, SE502835, SE502297
  • Model: Denso Style 10PA17C (w/ clutch)
  • Fitting Type: Direct Mount, Top Pad
  • Clutch: 5.748", 8 Groove Serpentine
  • Voltage: 24
  • Always flush A/C system and replace receiver drier & expansion valve when replacing compressor to validate warranty
  • To validate warranty these steps need to be followed when installing: 1) Check Compressor prior to installation for air gap in clutch. 2) Check compressor for proper oil amount per manufacturers recommendation. 3) Flush A/C system with proper flush and flushing method. 4) Replace filter drier / accumulator. 5) Replace expansion valve / orifice tube. 6) Check for proper airflow through cooling fins of condenser and radiator. 7) Evacuate system to deep vacuum, 29.95 in.-HG, inches of vacuum. 8) Check for correct gas charge
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty
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