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Whether someone is searching for a particular category of equipment, or just browsing to see what’s new, The Best in Ag Digital Sourcebook brings year-round exposure to your company. It’s digital exposure three ways:

  • Quarterly emails sent to 60,000+ nationwide, active farmers
    • Average open rate of 15% -- that's 9,000 farmers, each time!
  • Accessible 24/7 on the world's largest online argriculture equipment website -
  • Dedicated The Best in Ag Facebook page with 5,000+ followers

The online sourcebook allows you to connect customers to your existing social media channels, videos, website and other digital content. It’s an interactive opportunity ideal for brands to tell their story while growing their digital presence.

Within the digital sourcebook there are numerous placement options, premium positioning, and sponsorship opportunities along with the ability to update ad content/links on a quarterly basis.

The Best in Ag is refreshed quarterly. Click HERE to view the most recent The Best in Ag sourcebook.
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