7 Signs Planting Season is Here

Plant18 is Here According to These Signs Planting season is one of the most difficult times of the year for your family, friends, neighbors and even the animals. There are many things you can’t control and very little you can control. If it’s not raining, then the ground is too dry; then, if it starts raining, it’s too wet. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like … Continue reading 7 Signs Planting Season is Here

Speaker Program Released for 2018 Dealership Minds “Intelligence Driven Marketing” Summit

Brookfield, Wisconsin — Lessiter Media and Farm Equipment have announced the agenda and speaker lineup of the 2018 Dealership Minds Summit, built around the theme of “Intelligence Driven Marketing.” The full agenda is available and seating reservations are now being taken at DealershipMindsSummit.com. To be held at the Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Iowa City, Iowa, July 24-25, the Dealership Minds Summit will explore … Continue reading Speaker Program Released for 2018 Dealership Minds “Intelligence Driven Marketing” Summit

Preparing for Plant18 is truly a Family Affair

Next to your wife, your kids, your animals and maybe even your truck, your new piece of equipment is probably the most important thing in your life…especially this time of the year. Even though you think you’ve done all the research to find that PERFECT addition to the farm and you know you’re going to make this year the most profitable, you know you really … Continue reading Preparing for Plant18 is truly a Family Affair

Fastline.com Price Comparison Feature

Searching for equipment is harder than what the general public may believe. Equipment is more than just a tractor, combine, sprayer, or piece of metal that sits in the barn. Your new piece of equipment is what keeps your farm going during the most unpredictable weather climates, where your son or daughter learns how to drive, and the all-around unforgettable memories that are shared with … Continue reading Fastline.com Price Comparison Feature

Got Snow During Harvest?

We all know the weather will be unpredictable, no matter what station you listen to or what device you use to check your weather app. Bad weather or not, the crops must still be attended to, animals must be taken care of, and our families need food on the table. With zero snow days, Fastline spotlights our dedicated farmers and the unpredictable weather conditions they … Continue reading Got Snow During Harvest?