Top 10 Songs About Farming

Country music is known for a lot of things… some better than others. One of things country music is known for is songs about life in the country- farming, family, tractors, working hard and playing hard. Recently we asked some of social media friends to let us know their favorite farming song, from the country genre and beyond,  and this is what they have come up with. Enjoy and let us know what you think. Your favorite didn’t make the list, leave us a comment and we will add it!

Milk Cow Blues, Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys version This one has been done by several artists including The King- Elvis, Willie Nelson, and The King of Country- George Strait.

Big Green Tractor, Jason Aldean (Video)- Whether you are a fan of green tractors or not, this is a recent hit that has quickly become a favorite.

Down on the Farm, Tim McGraw (Video)- This song has very little to do with actual farming, but the tune is catchy and you kind of can’t help but sing along.

Cloud of Dust, Brad Paisley- Farmers probably know better than anyone how important rain is. When there is a lack of rain, times get tough. Hopefully you won’t need it this year, but maybe this song can help you through those times.

International Harvester, Craig Morgan (Video)– For all of you that aren’t fans of the big green tractors, maybe this one is more your style?Also reminds us to be friendly to those slow moving farm vehicles.

Rain on a Scarecrow, John Mellencamp (Video)- This song details the life of a farmer struggling to just get by and how much things have changed over several generations. , If you haven’t heard it, it’s a must listen.

Shadows of a Heartland, Bobby Pinson- A simple song about life in the country and on the farm.

Thank God I’m a Country Boy, John Denver (Audio)- We think this one is pretty self explanatory.

Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm, Montgomery Gentry- No Matter what, despite the struggles…. Daddy won’t sell the farm.

And of course we couldn’t have a farming song list without this one… She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, Kenny Chesney

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Songs About Farming

  1. The best farm song ever was written in the 1890’s by an unknown poet. Recorded by artists as diverse as Pete Seeger and Ry Cooder, “The Farmer is the Man” grew from the populist movement of the late 19th century, emphasizing a message that is perhaps more relevant today than it was then: the farmer is the man who feeds us all.

    The farmer comes to town with his wagon broken down,
    But the farmer is the man who feeds them all.
    If you’ll only look and see, then I think you will agree
    That the farmer is the man who feeds them all.
    The farmer is the man, the farmer is the man,
    Lives on credit ’til the fall.
    Then they take him by the hand, and they lead him through the land,
    And the middle man’s the man who gets it all.
    The lawyer hangs around while the butcher cuts a pound,
    But the farmer is the man who feeds them all.
    And the preacher and the cook go a-strolling by the brook,
    But the farmer is the man who feeds them all.

    When the banker says he’s broke, and the merchant’s up in smoke,
    They forget that it’s the farmer feeds them all.
    It would put them to the test if the farmer took a rest
    Because the farmer is the man who feeds them all.

    (bridge)Then the farmer he left town, and the place was broken-down,
    And the pigweeds and the thistles they were rife,
    But the land in fallow lay, it was waiting for the day
    When dreams and hands would bring it back to life.
    Now the farmer’s back in town, with his wagon broken down,
    Once again he is the man who feeds them all.
    Things are better now, no doubt, because the middleman’s left out,
    And the farmer is the man who feeds them all.

    The farmer is the man, the farmer is the man,
    Come and get your punkins in the fall!
    Just put on your garden duds, bring a box and get your spuds–
    Because the farmer is the man who feeds them all.

  2. I wonder how many people recognize the crop she’s walking through…. and that seems to be a pretty big field of it too!

  3. Farmer’s Daughter is a great song about farming, and so is Cornfields. Cornfields really puts my life as a farmer’s daughter into perspective. it does great describing everything, and is exactly how i feel sometimes! Check it out.

  4. Does anyone remember the children’s song that goes “I plant my seeds, I plant them row on row, for I’m a happy farmer and I like to see things grow”? I’m looking for the rest of verse.

  5. Flyover States is another good one by Jason Aldean. 🙂 Rain on a Scarecrow by John Mellencamp has always been one of my faves! Definitely worth a listen.

    1. This list was made before that song came out otherwise we would definitely have put that one on! We’re thinking of making a new list – any other songs you think should go on it?

  6. On The Combine – High Valley
    Here Comes The Rain – Chris Knight
    In My Blood – Rodney Clawson
    Harvest Time – Luke Bryan
    Amarillo Sky – Luke Bryan
    More Than I Can Handle – John D Hale
    Corn Fed – Shannon Brown
    American Farmer – Charlie Allen
    Cloud Of Dust – Brad Paisley

  7. Heard one I had never heard before…think it is out of the 40’s….heard it at my uncle’s funeral in North Dakota three years ago—“Black Dirt Farmer”

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