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Pre-Release Analysis of  May 10th Reports:

Below are some pre-report estimates and insight. Check back to see more news and commentary on the day of the reports… Read More

Caterpillars Threaten Southern Crops:

In this weekly Pest Watch update, learn why southern growers should keep a close eye on their crops in the coming weeks… Read More 

CME Forecasts Records Crops:

The situation in the corn market remains particularly fluid, with the market still in a demand rationing mode for old crop corn. July corn futures in overnight trading were $6.2725/bu., a premium of $1.02/bu. over December futures… Read More

AgRacer Leading The Race:

Just over 100,000 downloads! That’s a big number and that’s how many iTunes downloads there are in under three months for AgRacer by Fastline, the first ag game app for mobile devices… Read More

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