Hot Topics in Ag

Don’t be the one left out of the conversation at the local watering hole, get the latest happenings in the Ag industry so you can keep the conversation going! Farm Hack: Low Cost Tool for Farmers In 2011, a group of engineers from MIT and regional farms met to discuss collaborative opportunities and established the first-ever Farm Hack convention, a meeting ground to share and brainstorm … Continue reading Hot Topics in Ag

One Expert’s Take on the Corn Condition

While most of the corn crop continues to suffer from drought, Ferrie says fields in central Illinois still have a lot of potential. “To look at it overall you have to say there’s a lot of yield potential out there yet,” he says. He says good stand counts, health and very little disease mean the possibility of good yields if there is good pollination. “We’re … Continue reading One Expert’s Take on the Corn Condition

Value of Illinois Farmland is Up, way Up

Although home values have gone down, the value of Illinois farmland is up by 18%. According to an August 4th report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the price of Illinois farmland averaged $5,800 per acre in 2011, an increase of 18% over the 2010 level of $4,900. “The 2011 increase continues a string of large increases that began in 2004,” said University of … Continue reading Value of Illinois Farmland is Up, way Up