One Expert’s Take on the Corn Condition

While most of the corn crop continues to suffer from drought, Ferrie says fields in central Illinois still have a lot of potential. “To look at it overall you have to say there’s a lot of yield potential out there yet,” he says. He says good stand counts, health and very little disease mean the possibility of good yields if there is good pollination. “We’re … Continue reading One Expert’s Take on the Corn Condition

Wet Weather Keeps Planters in the Shed

One word that keeps surfacing in AgWeb’s Crop Comments this spring is: wet! Excessive rainfall and cool temperatures have delayed a huge portion of planters. Many are still waiting to make that first pass. In east central Iowa, a farmer reports he finally got planter out of shed to put on the air clutches. “When we got done putting clutches on, we put it right back … Continue reading Wet Weather Keeps Planters in the Shed

Western Water Woes

Dairies grapple with uncertain supplies, ever-tougher regulations Dark clouds unleash a cold, hard rain as dairy producer Mel Medeiros heads to his freestall barn in central California. After three years of well-publicized drought, California has received near-normal precipitation this year. Medeiros welcomes the April rain, but he doesn’t expect it to change the state’s water woes one bit. “Sometimes it looks like a battle we’ll … Continue reading Western Water Woes

Irrigation Is Increasing On U.S. Farms

According to this USDA video, more U.S. farms are using irrigation compared to five years ago. However, farmers and producers across the country are looking for ways to conserve energy and still get their crops the water they need. Check out this video for more information. Also, visit the USDA YouTube page for other informative videos. To Return to Click Here Continue reading Irrigation Is Increasing On U.S. Farms