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Additional Info: Specifications : ACH<br>Length: 23″<br>Weight: 5.8lbs<br>Standard Bar 12″<br>Optional Bar 14″ & 16″<br><br>ADI Hydraulic chain saws are the fastest cutting, coolest running, lightest and longest lasting tools available on the market today.<br><br>The ACS Pistol grip chain saw is super compact and incredibly light. It weighs an at less then 6 pounds, but develops up to 6 HP, thanks to the high torque gear motor.<br><br>The ACH provides the fatest chain speed at a given flow rate compared to any other hydraulic saw. The ACH chain saw is the only one of its kind that comes standard with a kick back chain brake. This added safety feature is easy to use and is important for maximum operator safety.<br><br>ADI chain saws also feature a patented spool system that eliminates heat generation within the tool. This provides a safety benefit to owners and operators alike and extends the life of the tool.<br><br>These advantages and many more contribute to ADI tools having the lowest overall cost of ownership of any other hydraulic pruning tool on the market.<br><br>
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