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Additional Info: The problem most knife drives have, is the loss of stroke length and force. This is addressed with the SCH ProDrive. The SCH Pro-Drive high performance knife drive in conjunction with the uniquely simple SCH cutterbar system achieve cutting performances that had never been considered possible in the past, particularly in the case of self-propelled harvesters. The Pro-Drive planetary gear system is in rotation at all times. Therefore, there are no dead spots as in wobble or crank drives where arms and levers have to come to a full stop twice per revolution to change direction. These advantages mean that a change to a SCH Pro-Drive knife drive and cutterbar system will pay for itself in just a short time. VIDEO: Click to see a very short video on the inter-workings of the SCH Pro-Drive knife drive. Advantages of SCH Pro-Drive to conventional cutterbar knife drives Higher ground travel cutting speeds Improved material flow with less reel work Low maintenance Minimal wear and easy service Less plugging with "reverse gear" not used as often Longer harvesting days, crops can be cut when there is dew on the ground Very easy knife change, remove two bolts for easy in-the-field changes Grease lubricated, eliminates the possibility of oil loss due to seal failure Comparison of SCH Pro-Drive to conventional cutterbar knife drives Almost all conventional cutterbar knife drives in combine harvesters have a knife stroke of between 3” and 3-1/3”. When a crop that is difficult to cut loads the cutting knife, the knife rarely travels the full length of the stroke. A considerable amount of the stroke is lost in deflecting gear housings, gear brackets, ball and socket joints and installed wobble boxes. Drives have been tested in which the stroke has fallen to 2-1/2” under load. The knocking and shaking this produces in the cutterbar is known to almost every expert in the field. It gives the impression that dull sections are being
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