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Additional Info: Sweco Laserplane Keeps You Productive! - 2 0 Minutes To Convert From Transport To Working - Heaviest In The Market - Lifetime Of Low Maintenance Specs - Width - 10'-30' - 8 On 8 Hubs (As Shown) - 10 On 111/4 Hubs With Super Singles - End Tow (As Shown) - Rear Axle Lift

2016 SWECO 480 Trail Dozer

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Additional Info: NEW FOR 2016<br>110 Inch Pound Torque<br>Drive Assembly<br><br>Manufactured in the USA for 25 years<br>Professionally welded solid steel Tub<br>Manufacturer’s Warranty – first 18 months<br>In-house Service & Repair<br>Part Sales<br>Training Available<br>Caterpillar Engine<br>Caterpillar has been setting engine industry standards for over 85 years<br> Engine is covered by a nationwide Caterpillar 2 year or 3000 hour warranty whichever occurs first<br><br>Emission Standards<br>Our engine is compliant with up to date emission standards that are accepted worldwide<br><br>Leader in trail dozer safety standards<br>ROPS – ISO 3471: 2008 Level II<br>FOPS – ISO 3449: 2005 Level V<br>California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 1596<br><br>Compact Design<br>4’ wide size allows this machine to go where others cannot<br>Minimize your maintenance costs<br>5/8” tub to track clearance design minimizes large debris obstructions<br>4” wider engine compartment provides for easier engine maintenance<br><br>Versatility<br>Over 50 attachments and options available<br><br>Industry Use<br> Forestry Service<br> Parks and Recreation<br> Fire Industry<br> Construction<br> Agriculture (Wine & Grape, Orchard)<br> Other Industries<br>

SWECO Laser Plane

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Additional Info: The SWECO Laser Plane is one of the heaviest built scrapers in the industry. Known for its maneuverability, precision scraping and durability, this machine can be used in agricultural or construction applications. See it in action! Specifications: 8 on 8 Wheel & Hub 16.5 – 16.1 14 Ply Tires GPS Mounts All Cutting Edges Are Fully Adjustable, Reversible & Replaceable Additional Dirt Shield On Top of Bucket All Axles Are Independent, but Can Be Locked Offset Tandem Walking Beam Heavy Duty Hitch & Heavy Duty Tongue Off-Set Walking Beam Axles Reduces Scraper Bounce Widths:14’ 16’ 18’ 20’ 22’ 24’ Options: 10 on 11.25 HD Wheels & Hubs 425-65-22.5 Super Single Tires Construction Grade 1” Cat Plow Blade Lengthwise Transport Option (22’ & 24’ Models) For Towing Less Than 12’ Width Rear Wheel Transport Option (14’ – 20’ Models) 8 on 8 or 10 on 11.25 Rear Wheel Transport Options Laser & GPS Catwalk & Pedestal Options