For over fifty years, Barron Supply Company has been a preferred supplier of tools and equipment of the poultry, agriculture, and dairy industries.  We provide the highest quality products and exceptional service.  Now that might be saying a lot, but it isn't saying it all.  Visit our About Us page for more information.      

 Our well-stocked agriculture/hardware store combination is easily located in Barron, Wisconsin.  We have been in the business of selling and servicing Bobcat skidsteers for over forty years and provide a full service and rental department with many more different machines.  View our products page for more information, and feel free to contact our friendly staff with any questions.









 Barron Supply offers a wide variety of product lines and materials.  We furnish a majority of the building materials, ventilation, heating, feeding, and watering systems used in turkey buildings.  We also provide the products needed to keep buildings and equipments in good working order, as well as the supplies and medications needed to raise a poult to a full-grown bird.  Barron Supply handles equipment that can meet the needs of game farms and their birds.  We also specialize in many hardware and agriculture products.  Below is a small list of the products offered in our catalog.  To receive a full copy (including prices), please contact us.  


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