Brown Manufacturing was founded in 1944 by Paul and Sara Brown. Their first product was a mule drawn log skidding device which was well received by all the portable sawmill owners throughout the southeast.

1945 - 1950

Brown Mfg. Corp. was instrumental in mechanizing the digging and harvesting of peanuts. Brown Mfg Corp. built the first tractor hitch mounted peanut digger, which allowed the peanut combine to be pulled through the field, eliminating the need to haul peanuts to the stationary peanut combine. Brown Mfg. Corp. has also built numerous other types of farm equipment throughout the years, including rotary cutters, tilt-bed trailers, disc harrows, post hole diggers, portable elevators, row crop cultivators, rolling cultivators, in-row sub-soiling no till planters and a high residue cultivator to name a few.

1950 - 1985

The outdoor power equipment division was added in 1985 to address the landscaping and mini trenching needs of the professional landscaper and the cable TV and satellite dish industry. The products manufactured in this division consist of three models of mini-trenchers, a flowerbed edger, an industrial grade curb edger. Farm machinery continues to be manufactured by the agriculture division. These products consist of disc harrows, rotary cutters, and aerators for pastures, sod farms and sports fields.

The three divisions were located at the Ozark facility with each division having its own marketing structure and sales staff. Brown products are sold in every state in the United States and the company has Tree Cutter and TRENCH MASTER distributors in 15 locations internationally.

William P. Brown and Richard C. Brown, assumed the day to day operations of the company in 1975. They began to diversify the operation in 1979 with the addition of a new product line which is now known as the Brown Tree Cutter. The tree cutter is used for removing trees and brush from under utility power lines as well as for general land clearing.


In October of 2007 the management of Brown Manufacturing Corporation determined that, due to continued growth throughout all product lines, the outdoor power equipment division would be relocated and owned and operated by a separate corporation known as Brown Products, Inc. with William P. Brown as President.

Brown Manufacturing Corporation retains all products within the agricultural and utility divisions, and the manufacturing of these products continues at the present location with Richard C. Brown as President.

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