Helping You Go Green 

  • Re-manufactured Used Wood Pallets
  • Purchase Used Pallets/We Pick Up Damaged Pallets
  • Large Inventory of Pallets Ready for Delivery
  • Mulch from Crushed Damaged Pallets
  • We Spray High Efficiency Insulation Foam to New & Existing Homes/Buildings
  • Competitive Prices 

We are an eco-friendly company dedicated to helping you go green. By picking up your damaged pallets, it helps you keep your facility clean and avoids landfill costs and environmental issues relating to landfills

Our wood pallets are used across all industries and meet most industry standards including food.

We purchase single pallets or truck loads and will leave a semi-trailer at your site for convenience and pick up when needed.

Our GreenTech Spray Foam company provides high technology foam spray insulation to homeowners, the agriculture community and to commercial businesses in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

Green Tech Spray Foam Insulation Products & Services

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