John F. Roling established J.F. Roling & Sons in Salisbury, MO in 1892. From the beginning this has been a family owned and operated business, with a tradition of community service. J.F. started out in a small building as a blacksmith, shoeing horses, working on wagons, buggies, and windmills, as well as doing other odd jobs. Eventually his business grew to working on steam engines. Around 1918, John's son, Joe, began to work with him in his business. As they progressed from a blacksmith shop and steam engine repair, to a machine shop and repair of early model tractors, several employees were hired. During the early 1930's the family took on the John Deere line. The business continued to grow throughout the 1930's and 40's.

Upon John's death in 1947, Joe took over the family firm. The John Deere line gradually became a major portion of the business as more help and facilities were added. In the 1950's Bob Roling began to work for his father Joe. They continued expanding, concentrating on John Deere farm equipment and machine work. In 1964, J.F. Roling & Sons was incorporated as Bob Roling assumed responsibility.

Today, Bob's two sons Ron and David, along with a daughter Betty have taken over. The company is a close knit group of people, with a history of developing excellent employees. Currently included as employees are one Great Granddaughter and two Great Grandsons of J.F. Roling, all of who hope to find some way to carry on the tradition of this family firm.

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