Kiefer Manufacturing is devoted to being the preferred supplier of quality transport products while being a reliable partner with our parent company.  We are committed to outstanding customer service, to continually search for opportunities to improve and innovate our products, and grow and diversify our company while operating with honesty and integrity.

Arden Kiefer started his company, Kiefer Welding, in 1973 as a welding repair shop in a small building with two portable welders. In 1974 Kiefer Welding, located in Kanawha, Iowa, became Kiefer Built, Inc.

In late 1974, Arden made the decision to expand his repair business by breaking into the livestock trailer market. The Kiefer built pull-type livestock trailers soon gained popularity because of their quality and rugged construction. Arden found that if you build a quality product and market it at a fair price, people would buy it. Arden's commitment to customer's satisfaction and to building a reputation as a quality minded company soon paid off. Over the next few years, many different sizes and models of livestock trailers were developed and marketed.

By the mid 1980's the company's manufacturing area had grown from 2,000 square feet to over 150,000 square feet at the Kanawha, Iowa plant.

In 1988 the industrial trailer line was established to meet the demand created by utility and construction companies. Since then the Kiefer industrial line has led the industry in cable, gas pole and other specialized trailers.

In 2002 Kiefer Built expanded and opened a plant in Sneedville, Tennessee. This facility focused primarily on aluminum horse and livestock trailers.

First quarter 2011 brought along major changes.  Due to the economic recession that had taken over the country starting in late 2008, things had grown tough in the trailer market and it appeared the doors would have to close.  And they did, for just a brief few weeks.  The month of March brought big news to the North Iowa area.  It was announced that Stellar Industries, Inc. of Garner, Iowa would purchase the assets of Kiefer Built, LLC and re-open both the Kanawha, Iowa and Sneedville, Tennessee facilities.  It now operates as Kiefer Manufacturing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stellar Industries, Inc.

The Kiefer products continue to be marketed through a network of dealers over the entire United States and in Canada and have even shipped to Belgium, Finland, Spain, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Japan.

The Kiefer trailers are well respected throughout the United States for their features, dependability, and quality. The sizes of horse trailers range from a two-horse bumper-pull trailer to eight-horse slant-load. Cargo and livestock trailers range in size from 8-feet to 30-feet in length. The Industrial and flatbed lines are customized to meet the customer’s needs.

Since 1974, Kiefer has produced over 60,000 trailers.  Its product lines have grown to include the following:

  • Steel livestock trailers
  • Aluminum livestock trailers
  • Steel horse trailers
  • Aluminum horse trailers
  • Steel-framed aluminum skinned horse trailers
  • Steel framed flatbed trailers
  • Industrial trailers for the utility industries
  • Cargo trailers

Now under new ownership, Kiefer Manufacturing intends to grow its product lines and expand its distribution network as well as expand Kiefer’s overall presence in the horse, livestock, and utility trailer markets.  Much of the previous staff of Kiefer Built, LLC has been maintained to support that ongoing core business of the new Kiefer Manufacturing, Inc. business.  Job retention, creation and expanded manufacturing space were some of the fundamental focuses for Stellar Industries, Inc. upon the purchase of Kiefer Built, LLC.  This is clearly evident as additional Kiefer employees are aggressively being sought, trained and hired.  Kiefer intends to quickly increase the workforce in both the Kanawha, IA and Sneedville, TN locations, anticipating it will nearly triple the current headcount.  Immediate facility and equipment upgrades are also underway for both locations and further plans for possible expansion in the Tennessee location will provide broader product offerings to customers.

Dealer opportunities also exist in a number of regions throughout North America and potential new dealers are encouraged to contact Kiefer Manufacturing to learn about these opportunities. 

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