Newton Crouch Inc.

                                  1940 - 2002


The business that is currently Newton Crouch Inc. was purchased in 1940 by Newton Crouch, Sr. from Walker Brothers.  From the beginning, Newton Crouch, Sr. was dedicated to service and under his guidance, Newton Crouch Inc. grew to be a regional fertilizer dealer servicing central Georgia and east Alabama.  In addition to fertilizer, the business was largely a cotton gin and cotton warehouse.

As the crops, fertilizers, and economy changed in the mid 1950's, NCI adapted to serve the new requirements of the industry.  This included being the first to have liquid nitrogen delivered which institued a need for new liquid spreading equipment.  NCI met the continuing challenge of change by designing application equipment for new liquid products and solid fertilizers.  Newton Crouch, Sr. also recognized that an even spread pattern over the entire swath was critical to uniform production and therefore developed the twin spinner to accommodate the granular fertilizers.  During the late 1960's and early 1970's, NCI was recognized as the industry leader for its simplicity of design and even spread patterns.


Shown below are items that were commonly handed out to customers.


The ladies were given a coin purse. The Men were given wallets. Since there was no air conditioning, fans were popular with everyone.


Today, NCI manufactures a wide range of equipment for a large number of specialty crops such as sugar cane, cotton, citrus groves, tomatoes and wheat.  The NCI product line includes a broad range of liquid and dry fertilizer application equipment truck mounted and pull-type, as well as, 3-point hitch and litter spreaders.  Ingenuity and versatility have kept the business growing with our assistance in revolutionizing the orange grove spreaders and citrus  market as well as producing the de-icing equipment currently used on the runways at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.


In recent years, technology and agriculture have come together to utilize global positioning and variable rate technology. NCI is proud to be involved in today's Precision Farming techniques.  The purpose of Precision Farming is to have our farmers or producers achieve their goals in an environmentally safe and cost-effective method.  NCI offers control of this aspect through computer systems which comprise variable rate technology, allowing the user to monitor many factors while maintaining a constant flow of materials over various speeds.  The materials spread can be granular or blended fertilizer, lime, land plaster, slurry, NPK, liquid fertilizer, or litter.  Depending on their makeup, these products can be spread, applied, or injected, and is controlled by the amount to be applied and the location - to achieve the farmer's goals.  For convenience, controllers are installed in the truck cab for truck mounted units or in the tractor for pull types.  In addition to building the equipmnet, NCI sells and installs the controllers and offers training on how to effectively use the controller.







NCI has manufactured over 12,000 individual pieces of equipment that yield a strong market for parts sales.  NCI is currently the second largest supplier of truck mounted spreaders in the United States with products being used in over half of the 50 states & Canada.  In addition to equipment, NCI has a Parts Department which carries over six thousand items specifically for agricultural equipment.

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