SEA MINERALS FA works as a soil fertility supplement that re-mineralizes the soil. Itcomes from processing very clean sea water and contains 85 or more minerals and trace minerals in the same proportions that those same minerals occur in the blood of healthy animals. All of our soils are terribly deficient in these minerals.
In addition to the positive impact sea minerals have on the plants and land, it is a much less expensive alternative to commercial fertilizer. The farmer can fertilize an acre for $8 per application with a suggestion of 3 applications per year for $24/acre/year. It is applied as a foliar spray on green plants. Not only is it a cheaper method, but Sea Minerals FA has a lasting positive effect on the microbes in the soil. With using commercial fertilizer, microbes are destroyed in the soil. Sea mineral nutrients stay in the soil from year to year and build and enhance the soil. . SEA MINERALS FAcan be used without any other fertilizer with good results. It can also be mixed with other ingredients, such as weed killers or fertilizer in the sprayer.
Sea Minerals FA also makes great free-choice mineral for cattle. Cows will consume one pound per month on average. They will not require any other mineral or salt for a savings of over 50%. It has been shown to decrease cell count in dairy cattle. It plays a key role in producing better quality milk and butcher beef. The cows and calves stay healthier

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