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Engine Oil Dipstick
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$7.10 USD
All of our new parts are aftermarket replacements. The use of original manufacturer's names and part numbers is for reference purposes only Fits John Deere Tractor(s) 5076E, 5076EL, 5078E, 5082E, 5085E, 5090E, 5090EH, 5090EL, 5310 (s/n 686038-earlier), 5310N (s/n 686038-earlier), 5320N, 5403, 5410, 5415, 5415H, 5420, 5420N, 5425, 5425N, 5510, 5510N (s/n 686038-earlier), 5520, 5520N, 5603, 5605, 5615, 5625, 5705, 5715, 5715HC, 5725, 6400SP, 6403, 6603, 7205J, 7210, 7225J, 7405, 7410, 7510, 7610, 7630, 7710, 7715, 7720, 7730, 7810, 7815, 7820, 7830, 7920, 7930 Fits John Deere Combine(s) S550 STS, T550, W540, W550, W650, 9400, 9410, 9450, 9540 WTS, 9550, 9550 SH, 9560, 9560 SH, 9560 STS, 9560 WTS, 9570 STS, 9580 WTS Fits John Deere Harvester(s) 7445, 7460, 9935, 9970 Fits John Deere Construction & Industrial(s) L512, L514, L524, L528, L534, 210K, 210LE, 210LJ, 230LCR, 310E, 310G, 310K, 310L, 310SE, 310SG, 310SJ, 310SK, 310SL, 315SE, 315SG, 315SJ, 315SK, 315SL, 324H, 325J, 325K, 325SK, 325SL, 335, 344H, 360D, 410E, 410G, 410J, 410K, 410L, 435, 444H, 444J, 444JR, 444K, 450J, 460D, 485E, 486E, 488E, 524K, 540G, 540GII, 540GIII, 540H, 544H, 544J, 544K, 548GII, 548GIII, 548H, 550J, 624H, 624J, 624K, 640G, 640GII, 640H, 640L, 644J, 644K, 648GII, 648H, 648HTJ, 648L, 650J, 653E, 653G, 670C, 670CH, 670D, 670G, 670GP, 672CH, 672D, 672G, 672GP, 710G, 710J, 710K, 740, 748H, 748HTJ, 748L, 755D, 840, 848H, 848HTJ, 1070D, 1070E, 1110D, 1110E, 1170E, 1210E, 1410D, 1490D, 1510E Fits John Deere Hay Cutting(s) A400, D450, R450, 4890, 4895, 4990, 4995 Fits John Deere Sprayer(s) 4700, 4710, 4720, 4730, 4830, 6700 Replaces John Deere OEM nos RE69243 All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty All States Ag Parts Item No. 162585 Sales Tax We are required by law to charge sales in IA, NE, MO, MN, SD and WI because we have physical locations in each of these states. While most farm use items and items for resale are tax exempt in these states we MUST have a tax exemption certificate on file prior to completing your tax exempt purchase. Please contact us at 866-609-1260 and we can send the proper form to you via fax or email. Once you have completed the sales tax form and returned it to our offices (fax to 515-834-2196 or email to ) we can remove the sales tax from your order.
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DE SOTO, IA 50069
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