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Additional Info: Big John Manufacturing offers a range of Nurse Trailer units to meet your needs. We offer the two wheel and four wheel crab steers, and nurse trailors. The Nurse trailor can hold up to 2000 gallons of water, the Two Wheel Crab Steer has a 1300-1700 gallon tank size, 120' axle width, and the Four Wheel Crab Steer has comes with a 1250; 1600; or 2000; under a 12' turning radius. Check out the options available at to see the variety of Nurse Trailors and Crab Steers units. Big John Manufacturing is located in Osmond NE. 4 Wheel Steerable Cart: Ideal Liquid Supply System The BJSC1300 liquid supply trailer with 4-wheel steer is an ideal liquid supply system for planters, strip-till rigs, field cultivators and spraying equipment. The trailer features a fully supported 1300-gallon product tank. It has 8-bolt hubs and spindles with 12-4-38 tires for improved flotation and for minimizing soil compaction. The four-wheel steer allows the front and rear tires to follow the same track that results in a tight turning radius of less than 12 feet. 120" fixed-width axle is standard. Other axle widths are available. The back axle may be locked so it may be converted to a two-wheel steer. Both axles pivot on greasable fifth wheels . Front axle pivots up to 10% up or down from the centerline to relieve stress. 2-Wheel Steerable Cart Features an ideal liquid supply system for your planter, strip till, field cultivator and spray equipment.