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1994 Case 9020

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Parts/Salvage: Dismantled
Additional Info: Parts Sold Daily. Please Call to see if part is still available. Equipment Track Assembly - 24" Equipment Weight - Counter Weight, 8886lbs Equip Boom - 150030A1 - does not include cylinders Equip Boom - 157146A1 - arm assembly (long option), 10ft 4in (3150mm), does not include cylinders or bucket linkage Equip Planetary - 155677A1 - transmission final drive carrier, cluster gear Equip Track Idler - 152576A1 - rear track idler wheel Equip Linkage - 150227A1 - center link bracket Main Hydraulic Pump - heat dmg from fire, sold as is Boom Cyclinder Assembly, 4-3/4 (120) ID x 46 -5/8 INCH (1184 mm) stroke boom, right hand - 150007A1 BOOM CYLINDER ASSEMBLY, 4-3/4 (120) ID x 46 - 5/8 INCH (1184 mm) STROKE BOOM, LEFT HAND - 150001A1 ARM CYLINDER ASSEMBLY 4-15/16 (125 mm) ID x 57 INCH (1448 mm) STROKE ARM - 150013A1 TRACK ROLLER ASSEMBLY, WITH INNER FLANGES -152181A1 TRACK ROLLER ASSEMBLY, WITH OUTER FLANGES - 152170A1 FINAL DRIVE COVER - 156352A1 ARM TO BUCKET LINK, LH - 150057A1 ARM TO BUCKET LINK, RH - 150053A1 MAIN CONTROL VALVE, BURNT HYDRAULIC RESERVIOR ASSEMBLY - 158861A1 TRACK DRIVE MOTOR ASSEMBLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE DRIVE SPROCKET OR PLANETARY/CLUSTER GEAR - 158046A1 TRACK DRIVE SPROCKET - 150051A1 FUEL TANK ASSEMBLY - 150935A1 And much more. Call Today.

865.6 miles away


865.6 miles away