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2017 Rhino Ag R950

$4,950.00 USD

Additional Info: NEW 2017 RHINO R950 MB REAR BLADE; 8'; The 950 blade is available in widths of 8' and 9' and features a heavy-duty CAT I-II, II QH threepoint hitch. The 9' model is rated for up to 95 PTO HP wheel-type tractors. The 950 blade is available with either hydraulic or manual adjustments of the mainframe swing, moldboard angle, and moldboard tilt to better fit many applications. The 3" diameter solid steel kingpin, reinforced 3/8" x 17" moldboard, and maximum of 30" of offset make the 950 blade ideal for use on large dual wheel tractors. The 950 blade can be offset up to 30" left or right without relocating the cylinder. Many competitive blades can only reach their maximum offset in one direction without relocating the cylinder. Skid shoes, quicktach end plates, and a gauge wheel are optional equipment.
Lilley International, Inc.