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$1,563.00 USD

Additional Info: TM600 159D R1W The TM600 range has been developed combining extreme light-weight with outstanding strength. Metric and tubeless range ideal for medium power tractors. The shape, geometry, number and depth of TM600 lug’s have been carefully designed in order to guarantee high traction capability in all soil conditions. TM600 ensures uniform soil penetration and high flotation performance, helping to reduce compaction, thus protecting the soil and enhancing fertility. In order to achieve these benefits, the lug surface area has been designed to minimize the contact pressure value in the center of the tread. Today tractors are increasingly used on the road moving quickly from one field to another, often carrying equipment or towing trailers. Over the years, TM600 has not only proved great performance in the fields, but also on the road, ensuring high comfort throughout the complete lifetime of the tire.
Twin Valley Tire