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Anderson 13ROW

$5,700.00 USD

Additional Info: 17095X (G) 13 knife; Has a raven cooler on it with a fast valve. I think controlled by a raven 440. ( will have to verify.; Yetter units include it.; Front coulters measure 17.5” Rear coulters measure 15.5” Points are in good shape. You may also contact Ben Harriss at (618) 534-0889. Dealer Disclaimer: H & R Agri-Power used inventory pricing, hours, specifications and options shown are based on the original appraisal of the unit. If we discover a mistake prior to a signed sales order being executed, we reserve the right to correct said pricing, specifications, or options. Price excludes delivery, modifications, or any applicable taxes.
H & R Agri-power (G)

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645.8 miles away