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Additional Info: Crowding Tubs/Sweeps<br>90 Degree and 180 Degree Available<br>Clockwise or Counterclockwise<br>14ga Sheeting<br>Tub Frame built with 3" x 2" 11ga Rectangle<br>Tub Gate built with 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 11ga Square<br>72" tall top rail on tub and 84" tall top rail on gate<br>Two Exits on all tubs -Send to alleyway or a loadout.<br>Sheeted height on tub is 58"<br>Sheeted height on tub gate is 58"<br><br>The first 2 pictures show a clockwise 90 degree tub with the exit gate swapped between each exit this is a swinging gate with a gravity latch and chain latch that is very easy to switch between exits.<br>The next 2 pictures show a counter clockwise 90 degree tub<br>The third set of pictures is a 180 Clockwise tub<br>The last set of pictures is a 180 counterclockwise tub<br>Call for price!