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John Deere Tractors for Sale

John Deere made his name by manufacturing the self-scouring steel plow in 1837. This revolutionary device changed the way farmers were able to work in their fields. That same innovative and pioneering spirit is what continues to put John Deere Tractors among the leaders in the field of agriculture. Regardless of your need, John Deere likely has a tractor that is well suited to help you complete your task, From small farmers and landscapers to large scale operations there are is a John Deere tractor that will get the job done. 


Compact Tractors 

The 1-4 series of compact utility tractors from John Deere are the perfect machines to work some smaller pieces of land. The horsepower range for these machines goes from 22 to 65 horsepower. The 1 series tractor is the smallest and most affordable in the line. The tractor features a loader capacity of 754 pounds and mower decks that range up to 60 inches. The 2 series tractor increases in size a bit and adds around 400 pounds of capacity to the loader lift bringing it up to 1,120 pounds. The 2 series is a great choice for smaller projects and most do it yourself landscaping jobs, 


The 3 series tractor is one of the most versatile and powerful compact tractors around. The tractor is capable of snow blowing, mowing, loader work, and leveling. The horsepower for this series ranges from 24 to 45 horsepower. The operator station has controls that are placed in very intuitive positions, and there are also options for heat and air conditioning to allow you to work in all seasons. There is a heavy-duty drive train and onboard diagnostics for all of the 3 series machines. One more step up brings you to the 4 series tractors. Power increases significantly with this line. Many models have turbocharged diesel engines with horsepower reaching a maximum of 65.9. Four-wheel drive is standard with all of the 4 series compact tractors as is a 3 point hitch system. 


Specialty Tractors 

The lineup of specialty John Deere Tractors includes low profile, high crop, and narrow series models. The range of tractors can meet the demands of just about every farming operation. The low profile series of tractors is able to work around and under tree limbs, but still have enough power to drive heavy attachments. These tractors work well on fruit farms and poultry farms. The 5075 GL is the smallest tractor in this group with a horsepower of 75. The largest is the 5125 ML with a horsepower of 123. All models are front-wheel drive and they all have a low profile operator station.  


The high crop series tractors are designed to allow you to complete your task in the field without disturbing the crops. These tractors also allow for excellent row spacing accuracy to help maximize the use of your space and your harvest yield. There are three John Deere Tractors in this category that range from 100 to 155 horsepower. Each of the high crop series tractors have all-day comfort cabs and low profile hood designs to maximize your visibility while in the field. 


Row Crop Tractors 

The 6, 7 and 8 series row-crop tractors range in horsepower from 145 all the way to 410. The 8 series tractors feature configurations of all wheels, 2 tracks or a 4 track design. The 8 series is one of the most versatile large tractors. It is designed to handle large planting jobs and pull large attachments to get work done quickly and efficiently. The 8 series tractors also have extremely comfortable cabs and are outfitted with the latest technology to help get the most out of your time in the field. There are new lighting options in the 8 series that improve visibility to stretch the workday as long as needed. 


The 6 series in the John Deere Tractors row crop lineup have the CommandPRO control system that makes maneuvering the field and driving down the road much easier. This is a time-saving tool that is another example of how John Deere works to allow you to get the most work out of your time. The 6 series is a great tool for working in hayfields, mowing large areas or handling significant snow plowing jobs. 


John Deere Tractors have been among the leaders in agricultural tools for over 150 years. In addition to their impressive offering of tractors, they also have an extensive network of trained and certified maintenance technicians. John Deere dealers carry the genuine parts needed to keep your tractor running at peak efficiency, and they devote countless hours to ensuring they have the right people in place to help maintain your equipment.