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Additional Info: Killbos 260 Seedveyor with Tarp. Steep-sloped sidewalls ensure fast and complete unloading, and standard Weatherguard roll-over tarp protects the contents from adverse weather. Conveyor features a 6" tube with an 8" cleated belt to gently carry seed. 180° conveyor swing and winch-controlled height adjustment for unloading ease. A patented brush seal on conveyor inlet prevents seed from back-feeding and a removable bottom door on the conveyor allows for complete cleanout.The conveyor locks into the transport position at either front or back. The heavy-duty SeedVeyor undercarriage offers durable steel construction, rubber-cushioned suspension,and tandem dual axles and electric brakes.Regulate conveyor speed by simply adjusting engine speed. Easy-opening slide doors with rubber funnel regulates seed flow into the conveyor and prevents overflow. Dual viewing windows allow for easily monitoring contents during loading and unloading, and easy-to-operate on-off controller with strong magnet that attaches to conveyor when not in use.