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343.6 miles away - JEFFERSONVILLE, OH
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343.6 miles away


410.2 miles away - HOLGATE, OH
Complete JD guidance system with JD 2600 monitor with SF1 activation,and swath control activation 4031 hrs as of 3-29-18, Starfire ITC Reciever with old style mount SN. PCGT01C529260 stk #12811, In bin #61 QUICK AND EASY ONSITE LOW FIXED RATE FINANCING AVAILABLE , TRUCKING AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.
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410.2 miles away

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1096.2 miles away - OSMOND, NE
Precision Planting<br>If your customers want to precision plant then they need to have their seed meters tested with precision, exactness and accuracy. The Computrol ® (shown with the Big John Profiler on Test stand) advances seed metering to a new level of accuracy, efficiency, and value.<br><br>If you are going to test seed meters, then why not use the best, the Computrol® / Big John Seed Meter Test Stand.<br><br>The Computrol II® does more than any other automatic spray control system on the market today. Simply set your application rate, whether you are using liquid fertilizer or herbicides, and it automatically maintains that rate on every acre regardless of vehicle speed or terrain. Programmable valves and the fast response time makes this system your best choice. <br><br>With this system, you have instant read-out of target rate,applied rate, field acres, total acres, field gallons, total gallons and speed. You can program in five different rates and, with a push of a button, you can select any one of the five. This system is capable of precise application from low to high rates.<br><br>The Computrol II® also controls your anhydrous ammonia application. Anhydrous is very difficult to apply because of temperature changes, vehicle speed and tank preasure. All three factors influence the amount of NH3 you can apply per acre. The Computrol II®, coupled with an NH3 kit can solve these problems. <br><br>The Computrol III® combines all the features of Computrol® I & II Seed Placement/ On the go, hydraulic population control/ Two automatic liquid controllers/ Dry fertilizer drive/ All communications required to do prescription planting<br>Field mapping<br><br>Computrol III® is compatible with most other GPS equipment
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1096.2 miles away
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