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Additional Info: Get it right the first time! The Sure Stop grain handling alignment sensor has a 90 Decibel Alarm and LED light signals for an exact stopping position. • Perfect Alignment Every Time. VIDEO: SEE "THE SURE STOP" GRAIN HANDLING ALIGNMENT SENSOR IN ACTION Applications: • Trailer Placement under Bins • Trailer Placement over Pit Screws • Alignment with Transport Augers • Alignment on Truck Scales • Permanent Mount or Portable with Optional Tri-Pod (not included) Features: • 90 Decibel Alarm & LED Light Signals Your Exact Stopping Position • Operates on 110V, 8-Foot Cord Included • Weather Resistant • Proven Technology for 10+ Years • Accurate up to 13 Feet • Includes 4 Pieces of Reflective Tape
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