2016 GTS X10 | $89,399.00

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GTS X10 - 1630
GTS goes above and beyond so that you can get the most out of your harvest! To this end the new, 2016 X-10 corn harvesting platform was developed, a precision inspired technology designed to exceed the productivity limits in the field. Sporting a high strength aluminum frame, it's up to 25% lighter than its competitors, giving you more stability and fuel economy. The X-10s new low profile design gives you increased safety and visibility of your harvest. A technology that goes beyond the measurements and your expectations!

GTS is a premium short-line manufacturer. After 10 years of production and nearly 10,000 headers made and sold, it rivals front-line manufactures in quality and demand within its home country Brazil. The X-10 is truly a premium product and uses the highest possible materials and components in its production.

Units for US distribution are currently in production in Brazil and will ship directly to the purchaser through their nearest sea port.
*Estimated delivery date for purchases made in May- Aug 15th 2016
*Free freight to your farm on all purchases made in May!
*US based Sales/Support!
*Guaranteed, Free Overnight Shipping - on all in stock parts!
*Regular retail price: $115,989 discounted to listed price of $89,399 for the month of May only!
*Price includes universal compatibility kit for all modern combines.
*Custom row spacing available. Contact for details.
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