2017 Force Unlimited AGFORCE FL3024

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New Ag Force spreader systems

LEASE A NEW 14' Ag Force Trailer, for as little as 7600.00 twice yearly for 5 years!
at 6.00 an acre & your savings on fertilizer costs, working the numbers on this unit are not difficult!
Don't be at the mercy of the COOP, Get your acres covered when you want them done!

Trailer Prices starting in the upper 60K's depending on options!

The AGFORCE is the most modern spreader on the market today. The AGFORCE FL3024 features the fewest moving & better quality parts to equal less maintenance. The AGFORCE FL3024 features an extra heavy duty belt over chain, the largest conveyor drive gearbox in the industry, in-cab electronic control of spinner speed with feedback, and is very operator-friendly. Available in 12-18 foot systems. Will spread your dry fertilizer up to 90 feet and your lime at higher rates and speeds than any other system on the market! Call today for a quote! Systems on hand and in production for immediate and timely delivery!! We also build the industries easiest converting 2 product system call the Ag Force DUO! You can also add a micro nutrient system with one or two bins for lower rates and seeding. We also build this system in a trailer mounted model, with float & row crop tires and Tracks!

** Note the photo of our Norwood Combo Seed and Fertilizer Tenders, see them under Norwood in New Equipment on our website. A great way to utilize a single tender for more than one season. Equipped with SS components to handle the daily use in both Seed and Fertilizer. Remote controls are standard & Scales can be added. the 400 unit tenders will hold 11.6 tons of Fertilizer.

We are a stocking dealer for Adams fertilizer equipment, Call us for your blending, tending, conveying and spreading needs. Call Matt or Carey for more details and pricing 888-388-1946

The latest in production process:

all sheet steel components are cut with high accuracy lasers
laser cutting allows several advantages such as accuracy and structural integrity
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