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2017 Priefert LS5

This listing is provided for historical purposes and may no longer be available. Please contact seller for availability.

$3,525.00 USD

Available in 5’ and 7’ widths, our Litter Saver features free-swinging helical shaped hammers (not blades or tines) that pulverize cake and lift and aerate litter from the floor at over 700 RPM. This design allows you to clean up hard pan problems by having dry litter all the way to the house pad, and drier litter increases the “livability” percentage in houses. The skids of the Litter Saver are designed to penetrate litter and ride on top of the pad, for efficient cleaning every time that results in a smooth, soft, well-aerated surface. When attached to your tractor, the Litter Saver is offset to the right side, allowing you to reach all the way to the wall.
Price $3,525.00 USD
Year 2017
Make Priefert
Model LS5
New New


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