2017 Unverferth 3955XL | $31,400.00

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2017 Unverferth 3955 Seed Runner, brand new model for 2017. I have one in stock and another 10 units available in February. Early order and delivery pricing available. Do NOT wait until April to call on these.

We will have a couple of these rented out that will be available as low use or demo units. Prices for these will start at $25,400. Call early to get on the list for these demo units or to reserve a new unit.

400 seed unit capacity, two 12,000 pound axles with rubber bushing suspension, open box design for easy fill front to back, belt is 100 percent molded as one piece (no more glued on raised bars for pleats), soft start on the hydraulic pump that runs conveyor, additional windows for viewing inside, 21 foot 8" XL conveyor, all of this is standard equipment. Options below.

Options for 3955 are choice of hitch to include bumper pull or gooseneck.

Option for Scale, Talc applicator, 2 function remote is standard that controls up / down and on / off of the conveyor. Optional 3, 6, and 7 function remotes also available for additional control.

I have been selling these since they came out in 2006. People are not trading them in. They are buying additional units and keeping their old ones. We can get you whatever design you want in these and offer special pricing if you take delivery by April 15.

Don't hesitate to give me a call to help you design yours. Unverferth restricts dealers from posting any price other than the MSRP on new units and I will not insult you by posting these for $35,000. Call me, and I will give you an exact price, and can deliver to your farm anywhere in the continental US.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Brent Kroeker, Chisholm Equipment 580-237-4700
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