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Big John Speedy Soil Sampler


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Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler
Big John Speedy Soil Sampler


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OSMOND, NE 68765


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Make Big John
Model Speedy Soil Sampler


Extend Soil Sampling Season - SPEEDY SOIL SAMPLERĀ®
A vehicle mounted soil sampling unit for general soil analysis and environmental research. Increase the speed and efficiency of soil sampling!

With the concern of nitrates leaching into the groundwater or phosphorus runoff into surface water, NRD's are either encouraging or demanding increased soil sampling. Samples are tested for residual nitrate-nitrogen and/or phosphorus. Based on these sample findings nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer recommendations are made accordingly. This is where The Speedy Soil Sampler comes into play. Farmers, consultants, fertilizer dealers or environmental researchers can take more samples and spend less time in the field with this automated soil sampler.

The base system is equipped with its own hydraulic Power Pack. The Hydraulic system supplies power to the out rigger, which lowers the sampler to the ground and raises the unit to transport position. The powered head moves the soil auger down the column to the desired depth and up to rest position ready for the next sample. The outrigger also converts the weight of the UTV and the operator to down pressure on the soil auger tip. This down pressure allows the soil auger to penetrate frozen ground and many other soil types. The outrigger provides stability to the sampler when the auger is being retracted, preventing bending and seizing of the soil auger.


Extend sampling season
Soil sampling with speed and accuracy
Mount on ATV or UTV
Easy access sample bucket
1" x 36" all purpose soil auger
Sample depths from 0-36 inches
20" transport clearance
Use with automated or manual collector
Remote Controls
Outrigger foot designed to eliminate loose surface soil from contaminating soil samples
Outrigger transfers weight of UTV and operator to the drill bit
Outrigger eliminates pressure on vehicle when auger is removed from the ground
Easy start hyd. power pack; 6-12 horsepower


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