Farm T-Shirt Friday

Applied Enviormental Protection

This week’s farm t-shirt was spurred by a live Twitter discussion that two of our followers were having. @akleinschmidt and @chenx064. For more information on how this shirt cam to be, check out @akleinschmidt’s blog.

This t-shirt is not only a very true statement, but it shows the power of conversations that are taking place on Twitter and other social media outlets. Without the live Twitter discussion, the comment may have neverĀ been made, and we all would miss out on not only a great t-shirt, but a great opportunity to educate and spread agriculture’s message.

This shirt is available for purchase on All royalties from this shirt will be donated 50/50 to Ohio 4-H and Kentucky 4-H, with an additional match donation. So not only are you getting an awesome t-shirt, but you are supporting a great cause.

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