Top Ten Reasons Being a Farmer Rocks!


In case you ever need a reminder as to why you have the best job in the world as a Farmer, check out our list we put together! Think we forgot one? Let us know in the comments with your favorite part of being a Farmer.

10.Outdoors – there’s nothing like the smell of fresh air, or even better, the smell of fresh cut hay!

9.Fun Equipment – What other job do you get to drive large tractors, combines, sprayers or anything else?

8. Weather – You always know the weather, even when you don’t want to.

7. You’re your own boss – Well besides mother nature – but she’s another story.

6. Job security – As long as there is land to farm and mouths to feed, Farmers will have the most important job there is.

5. Farming communities – There is no community like a Farm community. There are no strangers, just some people you might not know yet. When a Farmer goes down, the whole town is there to pick up where he, or she, left off.

4. No need to clean – You have an excuse to be dirty and stay dirty. As Will Rogers so eloquently said, “What this country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.” Dirty nails show more than dirt, they show work ethic, discipline and the most selfless workers the world knows.

3. Knowledge – Who else but a Farmer can tell you more about the weather than a weather man, more about a tractor than a mechanic and more about their land than anyone else.

2. The View– Your office has the best view of anyone – the outdoors, the fresh smells,  and the earth beneath your feet. What’s better than that?

1. The best part? You feed the world. There are not many other people who can say that about their job.

58 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Being a Farmer Rocks!

  1. This ties in with #8 and #10. There is nothing that compares with a sunrise. A blessing from G-d. Always spectacular, regardless of clouds or fog..

  2. Farmers have no 8 hour a day schedule. From daylight till dark, and then some. 365 days of the year. No matter if your sick, or it’s a Holiday, or vacation time, the job has to be done, regardless.

  3. The whole list is great, I LOVE # 4. and 5.
    11. No need to go to a gym to workout – every day is a workout, and a very rewarding one to boot!
    12. You know exactly where your food come from, how it was raised/grown, and what it ate!
    And the list could go on and on and on!

  4. A very important reason was forgotten in this list. FAMILY. Where else can you work with many family members in support of your goals and help to nourish the world.

  5. I think its funny when some people don’t understand that there food begins at the farm being raised for meat or milk cheese just to name a few

  6. Hi to all the farmers. I am a farmer and I am proud to be farmer. I love animals they don’t talk back . They give you their best smile and the fellings that they have for you. Living on the farm is just like live in your own world . The best part of being farmer is , you have your on work hours no one call you to come to work .

  7. The only thing I would gently suggest is that not all farmers drive tractors or cut hay – I “farm” less than an acre with a market garden that takes me to three markets per week in the peak season. Good list of ten reasons, though! Rock on!

  8. We farmed for twenty three years ,then left the ranch. We still have the best crop we ever raised in our kids. They have all went on to be great parents. We can enjoy them and the grandkids for the rest of our life!! Farming is a great way of life even when you leave the farm.

  9. #11….no better place to raise a family…..a farmers child understands birth from watching all the animals, where vegetables and fruit come from with gardens and orchards, they witness a variety of mechanics, they play in the dirt, swim in a pond, drive a tractor and pick up truck in all kinds if weather, buy and sell livestock, ride a horse, take the pet calf Daisy that they hand fed to the locker and sit at the table a week later knowing you are eating Daisy t-bones, dance in the rain, play under the light pole, pull mom’s laundry off the cloths line as dad says a rainstorm is brewing, shuck corn to go in freezer, eat apples under the apple tree, pick blackberries for a fresh pie, hunt on your own property for deer, rabbits, squirrel, quail, dove, turkey and catch fish of all kinds in your own pond and catch a big snapping turtle for turtle soup..gig your own frogs for fried frog legs…need I go on, so proud to be raised on a farm!

  10. How many jobs can you take your kids to work with you and they learn more life lessons than any school could teach them?!?! They learn about the circle of life. Also, they learn to not complain about the weather and do the best they can with what Mother Nature has dealt them and no matter how sick or bad you feel, you need to cowboy/cowgirl up and take care of the stock and the land!! Nothing better than the wide open spaces, seeing your livestock roam the lush green pastures and you have the best view possible when it comes to sunrises and sunsets! At the end of the day, you sit down as a family and discuss how the day went and plan what the next days work will be, even though you know, in reality, it probably won’t go as planned. There might even be by a nice bonfire under the starlit sky and some dancing lol. at the end of the long day…doesn’t get any better than that!! You feed the world and teach your children morals and responsibility and they have one heck of a work ethic!! However, at times there is a love/hate relationship that goes along with it and it and by no means is an easy life but is the best way of life there is and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!!

  11. I grew up on a farm/ranch in Montana. I still miss it after being gone for so many years. I look at the farm from the air on google maps and my mind strolls down memory lane. I look at the dams in the pasture and look where we used to fish for perch and bluegill. There is nothing like being a farmer.

  12. My daughter is teaching a grade 6 class. She was asked the other day which tree lettuce grows on! We farmers are not educating the younger generation enough on where the food comes from!!!

  13. Farming “Rocks” because it is the only occupation that has insurance that guarantees a paycheck when ya can make it. I own a construction company & wish I could get insurance to cover rain out weeks or months. I respect good farmers but if you suck @ production or money management, you should fail & there is a lot of sorry farmers out there sucking up the easy money.

    1. And here in Kansas, no state income tax, crop insurance, subsidies, low to no local or county property taxes…..etc. etc etc. I like that farmers “feed” everyone. Really? I still pay for my produce. And my tax dollars seem to support those honest folks feeding everyone.

    2. Yeah, and in some states, no state income tax. No or low property and county taxes. Subsidies, insurance. I love that farmers “feed” everyone. Sure, but lets not pretend they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart. I still pay for my local produce. And those kind hearted farmers feeding everyone are doing it on my tax dollar. I know more millionaire farmers and any other kind of millionaire.

    3. Someone is bitter. Kinds like you’re not that great at your job and looking to take someone else down. Insurance isn’t free ya know? Go be scornful somewhere else.

  14. The smells of farming – the smell of fresh turned soil in the spring, the smell of freshly cut hay, the smells of wheat harvest and the sweet smell of silage to name just a few. Even the “bad” smells are good – the smell of feedlots, the smell of dirt and sweat on your loved one and the smell of the tractors, combines and trucks.

  15. Nothing is more intoxicating that the smell of new mown hay, more dear than a newborn calf’s face (my son might take exception to that) and more lovely than a dawn breaking over the rolling Iowa landscape. Growing up on a farm gave me a foundation to appreciate all that is natural and to respect the cycle of life.

  16. If people could actuallu spend time with a farmer working the land for a week they would have a much deeper appreciation of what they eat.

  17. I also farm, and yes its pretty sweet! Back in the day it used to be the best thing in the world to do, now a days its getting harder and harder to enjoy but we have to. The reason being are all of the costs these days fertilizer all time high, fuel,seed,chemical,machinery prices are all time highs as well. And if you don’t own the land the rent is super high as well but I guess we still do it because we have no choice But to just keep going or the bank will take over. The price were getting to sell the grain at isn’t high enough to take the costs down. If the inputs were cheaper the prices we are getting would be fine. If it went for the 2nd and 3rd job I could collect for welfare on my farm income hahaha. The stress of putting over 100K in the ground and HOPING all goes well takes the fun out of it but oh well gotta feed the world rite!! Ah enough complaint for now seeing is that’s what all us farmers do anyway its getting late gotta be up at 4am to get spraying peace out!!

  18. Love farming in New Zealand. No tax payers money given to farmers in this country.
    In New Zealand farmers “Talk the talk and Walk the Walk”

  19. A family farm, that’s been in generations for years and years, is the proudest job anyone can have. Knowing how hard everyone before you has worked to help you get to where you are today.

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