Transformation Tuesday – Taylor’s Story

We love getting stories from our fans about the hard work and dedication that they put into their Tractors. Check out the tractors that Taylor has restored to their former glory and sent us. Though they all have a good stroy, the first one definitely has a cool one!

trans1 trans2 trans3 trans4

From Taylor: “…It’s a 1936 john deere A it was my grandpa’s very first tractor they had a big fire back in the day and he lost all of his old tractors but this one. It was back in a shed at my uncles I wasn’t sure what shed tho until I had a dream one night and grandpa was there he has been dead since 2001 anyway we were fixing the tractor because something was wrong with it so the next day I went out there to that shed and there was the tractor in the same spot as the dream I tried turning it over and it was stuck so I turned it backwards really hard and got it lose I cranked it over and it didn’t have any compression all of the sudden I heard a big bang and the valve came lose thankfully we hauled it home put gas in cleaned a huge mouse nest out of the radiator pulled it 100 ft and it was running crazy so me and my dad fixed a few things on it new tires in the front and I gave it a paint job and decals and this is the result my dad is is a big help.”

Check out this 1948 Moline he restored for his dad for Christmas: 

moline 2 moline

Last but not least- check out this 1936 John Deere B factory round spoke that, as you can tell by the pictures, was a complete restore!

jd jd2

What a job well done, Taylor! Do you have a restore story you want to share with us? Send it our way on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through the blog! 



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