Ten Signs It’s Harvest Time


Harvest time is here and for many, it’s their favorite time of the year! Check out these ten signs it’s harvest time from your fellow Farmers!

1. The Lights in the field- when the weather is right, it’s go time – even if that means running through the night.  

2. The dinner table moves from the dining room to the field, after all a meal together is priceless.  

3. Optimism is at its highest 

4. You see a lot more of the good type of traffic: 

5. The landscape takes on a new look. For months you watched it grow and fill the fields, now its back to the flat land until next year. 

6. All hands on deck – when it comes to harvest time, everybody helps out! 

7. Weather monitoring is at an all time high 

8. Sleep – what sleep? https://twitter.com/marlathrall/status/519209826745090048/photo/1

9. The smells of harvest – dried corn and bean dust – there’s nothing like them until spring time and fresh turned dirt. https://twitter.com/ScottFarmCo/status/519164486650179584/photo/1

10. The sounds of the combines rolling – it get you everytime! 

Did we leave your favorite sign that it’s harvest time out? Share it with us with a comment below!

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