8 Things Farm Equipment Can Teach You About Yourself


Fastline loves farm equipment – not just because we make it easy to find your next piece of equipment, but also because of how much it can teach you about yourself. Check out the 8 Things farm equipment can teach you about yourself and see if you agree!


Patience – There’s no better way to learn the true meaning of patience than when you blow a gasket in the middle of the field and have to wait for the parts needed. Better yet, when you’ve got several thousand acres to get done before the pending storm and you’re running at under 10 mph – that is when you really learn patience.

Skill set – Farm Equipment has a way of forcing you to learn the ins and outs of its mechanics so that you know when that sound wasn’t so good and you may need to start parts searching. You don’t realize how much you know until something needs to be done and you’ve got it covered!

Optimism – There’s something about getting ready for plant that forces you to be optimistic for what is to come – will it be a good year, an okay year or the worst yet? No matter the turnout, the sight of that tractor makes you believe the best is yet to come.

Happiness – What’s better than an evening date in the combine or taking a ride around in the John Deere B? Farm equipment will show you the true meaning of happiness!

Determination – It’s ok that it’s 3 a.m. and it’s just you, the combine and the moon – you’ve got one last field to get done before the weather gets bad. That combine isn’t going to stop, why should you?

Dedication –┬áThat┬átractor that’s been in your family for three generations but looks like it’s been five – it’s still working as hard as it can and showing you the true meaning of dedication and you return the favor by treating it like royalty!

Satisfaction – There’s nothing like finishing up that restoration of Old glory or making the last pass of the day to call your plant complete. That feeling you get from those is the feeling of satisfaction.

Importance to this world – There are over 7 billion mouths to feed and that job is up to the farmers. With out farm equipment helping along the way, we wouldn’t know the true feeling of just how important we are.

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  1. Farm machinery has improved my bilingual skills. I am very proficient in Basic American swearing as well as advanced blasphemy.

  2. Ingenuity! Had to repair a tie down on a dump wagon roof and all I had for options was found in a diaper bag- a flannel diaper i was able to twist into a rope. Lasted the rest of the season!

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