A Look Back – The Top Blog Posts of 2014


It’s time for a little reflection! Let’s take a look back at the top blog posts of 2014. Which one was your favorite?

Ten Signs You Grew Up On A Farm

You know you grew up on a Farm when:
1. You give directions not by streets, but by fields and land marks.
2. You were driving Tractors before your feet could hit the pedals. Read More.

Ten Things Farmers Know Better Than Anyone Else

Anyone can farm, but not everyone is a Farmer. There are many things that you quickly learn and traits that are necessary to have while Farming. Check out our list of the 10 things Farmers know better than anyone else. Read More.

8 Things That Have a Different Meaning for Farmers

Farming is a way of life with many similarities and differences to those who don’t farm. Check out our 8 things that have a different meaning to Farmers!
1. Holidays- Holidays carry a different meaning for Farmers. Just because it’s Christmas morning, the livestock still needs to be taken care of. Driving home from Easter service? There will be stopping to check on the crops or check on the cattle. The chores don’t stop just because it’s a special day. Read More.

Top 10 Songs About Farming

Country music is known for a lot of things… some better than others. One of things country music is known for is songs about life in the country- farming, family, tractors, working hard and playing hard. Recently we asked some of social media friends to let us know their favorite farming song, from the country genre and beyond, and this is what they have come up with. Read More.

9 Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from a Farmer

1. You don’t get anything you don’t work hard for: As Thomas Edison once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed like overalls and looks like work.” Farmers don’t get anything they don’t work from sunrise to sunset on. Read More.

Top Ten Reasons Being a Farmer Rocks!

In case you ever need a reminder as to why you have the best job in the world as a Farmer, check out our list we put together! Think we forgot one? Let us know in the comments with your favorite part of being a Farmer.

10.Outdoors – there’s nothing like the smell of fresh air, or even better, the smell of fresh cut hay! Read More.

Top Ten Myths About Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture and Farming are the backbone of this world – without em’ we’d starve. So why do so many people want to pass along lies and myths about the industry that keeps them fed? In honor of National Ag week, we’re setting the record straight on the industry we love. Read More.

8 Things Farm Equipment Can Teach You About Yourself

Fastline loves farm equipment – not just because we make it easy to find your next piece of equipment, but also because of how much it can teach you about yourself. Check out the 8 Things farm equipment can teach you about yourself and see if you agree!

Patience – There’s no better way to learn the true meaning of patience than when you blow a gasket in the middle of the field and have to wait for the parts needed. Better yet, when you’ve got several thousand acres to get done before the pending storm and you’re running at under 10 mph – that is when you really learn patience. Read More.

Ten Thing Things You Learn Growing Up A Farm Kid

Growing up on a Farm is like nothing else – you get to work with your family daily, raise and support animals and see directly where your food comes from. Check out our Top Ten Things You Learn Growing Up A Farm Kid!

1. You learn patience from an early age – before you can get what you want, the chores have to be done. Dinners will be late (or out in the field) during plant and harvest but you learn to get past that. Read More.

17 Pictures That Prove Farmers Are Proud of What They Do

We asked and you all shared!  We wanted our Facebook friends to show us they’re proud to be a farmer and boy did they show us. Responses varied from farming with family to working the same ground as generations before. With the pictures below, we hope you see why our Farmers and Farm wives are proud of what they do! Read More.


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