#FiveWordstoRuinADateWithAFarmer – Farmers Share How to Ruin A Date


It’s been a while since a really good hashtag went around the Ag community. If you didn’t think Farmers were some of the wittiest before, take a read below and you’ll find we’ve got a good sense of humor!


52 thoughts on “#FiveWordstoRuinADateWithAFarmer – Farmers Share How to Ruin A Date

    1. Since I married after I was 30 I got this question quite often The first was what do you do and the second was Do you own your farm?

  1. Who produces the food for Chipotle Grill Kendal Peterson? Oh, that’s right, FARMERS! There’s much more to our food system than dumping grain at the coop and selling feeder cattle at your local sale barn.

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