Keeping A Memory Alive


Sometimes we all need those reminders from people to show us why we do what we do, day in and day out. For farmers, we know that is increasingly helpful in keeping the optimism high when nothing else seems to go right. We wanted to share this note we received from one of our Fastline subscribers that embodies why we continue to publish our catalog – it’s not just about helping Farmers find the equipment they need, there’s more to Fastline than just the book.

I want to thank Fastline for filling a need in the life of my family.  My husband was a longtime subscriber to your magazine.  We have a five year old grandson, Eli.  From the time he was old enough to sit on Papa’s lap they read the new magazine and Papa would tell him all about the different types of tractors, plows etc. At age 5 Eli can accurately name most farm equipment and he will correct you if you call it by the wrong name.

On July 1st, our son, Eli’s uncle,  was killed in a home accident.  In early September my husband became gravely ill and died September 19th. We believe the loss of our son and the sudden illness was more than he could mentally and physically bear.  Eli saw his Papa almost every day of his life, as they lived nearby.  He misses his Papa so much…he likes to go sit on his tractors, but the thing he misses most is sitting on his lap and looking thru the Fastline book.

 The new issue came in the mail yesterday.  I gave it to Eli when he got home from school.  He sits in his Papa’s chair and looks from cover to cover.  My daughter told me he took it to bed with him last night, got up this morning and looked thru it again, then took it to school with him to read on the way.

 As long as I am able, I will maintain the subscription for Eli. It makes all of us cry when we see him looking thru his book, but it keeps his memories of his Papa alive for him.

Thank you for listening to my story,
Amy S.


So from everyone at Fastline – THANK YOU! We are honored to serve as a memory for so many, a treasure from some and a tool for all. How many of you have fond memories of Fastline? Feel free to share with a comment below!

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