Stop Fighting on the Way to the Funeral Home!


Are you making plans to come to Louisville, Kentucky for the National Farm Machinery Show? Is farm succession on the top of your mind? We’ve got the event for you! Announcing Jolene Brown and here crowd-packing seminar – Stop Fighting on the Way to the Funeral Home!  This talk will cover everything you need to know and start planning for to help keep your family form fighting over Farm Succession. This insightful and fun-filled presentation highlights the stupid things families do that break up their business. We will discuss in-laws and out-laws, money expectations, daily communications and important meetings. From conversations to contracts, from assumptions to clarification, from complaints to celebrations, we will open eyes and save fighting on the way to the funeral home.

The attendees have said it best: 

“…Boy, Jolene’s information hits close to home! You’d swear she’d been sleeping under our bed! But after today’s workshop, we found out, there’s hope! Not only will what we learned today make us more profitable and efficient as a business, it will keep the egos and emotions of our family working toward a common goal.”

“…I’ll be using this information to strengthen my management with all employees in our business. Clarity and leadership will make a big difference.”

“…Next time I’m bringing the whole family!”

“…many speakers have told us ‘why’…Jolene also shows us ‘how’. THANK YOU!”

“…I’ve heard many speakers on working in a family business and even estate planning but none better than you. Your plain speaking and ability to relate not only makes what you say believable, I know it is true because I’m living it. I am grateful for specific ‘how-to’ information that will make our business better.”

Read more about Jolene and the full details the presentation below.

National Farm Machinery Show | Louisville, KY

February 12, 2015

South Wing Ballroom C205

9:30 AM & 12:00 PM

RSVP today by emailing [email protected]

Jolene Brown: farmer, author, speaker & farm business expert

Jolene Brown is a farmer, author, professional speaker, and champion for the people of agriculture. She’s from West Branch, Iowa. Jolene travels worldwide sharing leading-edge best practices that have the power to increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind. Those who hear her messages celebrate her passion, fun-filled spirit, real life stories and valuable take-home

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