You Know You’re A Farmer When…


The weather forecast will determine how your day will go.

Your work clothes weigh quite a bit more by the end of the day due to all of the tools and other miscellaneous things you pick up through out the day.

You’re always late or can’t attend events due to farm chores, animal emergencies, equipment issues or just the fact that mother nature will wait for nobody and you had a field to finish.

Seeing farmland developed makes you hurt on the inside.

A good way to describe your day – Eat. Sleep. Farm. Repeat.

You’ve got an entire bookshelf (or more) devoted to parts manuals.

You try to convince your significant other that an overnight trip to pick up parts or look at farm equipment should count as a vacation.

You can’t keep your eyes on the road when driving by other Farmer’s fields.

Nothing compares to the smell of fresh cut hay or fesh turned dirt.

Your day was never a 9-5, it’s a “when I open my eyes til when I close them.”

You know the Farmer wave.

You’ve used your truck to haul passengers that weren’t human.


You know too well the meaning of horse high, pig tight and bull strong.

Baling Wire, WD-40, duct tape and pliers are all you really need in life.

You can remember the fertilizer rate, seed population, herbicide rate and yields on the farm from 10 years ago, but cannot recall your anniversary.

You give directions to your farm by using area landmarks, not road numbers.

Big family events are never planned during Plant or Harvest.

The smell of diesel will never leave you.

And finally, if given $1,000,000 you would keep right on farming. You might do things differently, but you’d keep farming because that is who and what you are.

Did we miss one? Leave a comment with your favorite way that you know you’re a Farmer!

37 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Farmer When…

  1. after doing both farming and hauling the milk. I have new found respect for the guys that haul milk. When it absolutely positively has to be there over night :you don’t call Fedex you call a milk truck driver

  2. when I cried the 1st year we were married on my birthday sitting home alone till well after midnight and Aug 30th was over…

    “You should have known better than to be born during tomato harvest!”

    1. That’s a great one. Spent a lot of time talking to my grandfather and dad in the barn about life when I was a kid. Some of the best memories I have. Brings tears to my eyes.

  3. It’s been almost 30 years since my husband and I quit farming. Even now when I see a crop growing, I look at it with awe, remembering how wonderful a feeling it was to watch a crop go from seed to harvest. I wonder about the person farming the land, his family, his finances, if the weather will cooperate to produce a generous crop. Everyone should have the chance to work on a farm, to experience the work and energy it takes to grow the very food that we all eat, or the products for the clothes we wear. When you pray over your food, give an extra thanks to the farmer.

    1. milked cows night before having babies, back milking and feeding cows 10 days after first child and 9 days after # 2

  4. When your wife knows what you have doneduring the day based on the smell if your clothes – welding, greasing, haying, farming, calving, spraying herbicide, etc.

    1. Yup, I think that while I’m doing laundry if his clothes are super dirty or greasy I know it was a hard day.

  5. You see a load of logs going down the freeway/highway and go, “D**n! That’s a nice load!” (My family farm raises marketable timber that is sold to companies like Weyerhaeuser).

  6. I always wondered why guys drove with their hand on the top of the steering wheel. Now I know, it is so that they can do the farmer wave. COOL!!!!

  7. I don’t have to buy a lotto ticket, I’m a farmer. But where would we be without them. Hungry, food doesn’t grow in a grocery store.

  8. No matter how tired you are or how late it is, the cows still need milked and the poultry still needs put up so they coyotes don’t get em. Grew up milking by hand , Worked Hard a lot of the time, but when the work was done we could do such fun things, like fishing and swimming in the creek or tailwater pit, ride horses on a picnic, climb trees and rocks, fossil hunt, and just hang out and read a book somewhere, or sit and watch the ducks be silly. With a good cow dog by my side 🙂 Farmers daughter here. Live in a big town now, but we have 3/4 acre. I have ducks and chickens and a huge garden. Can’t take the planting and growing and working in the dirt out of me.

  9. I know down to the millimeter how much water to give my crops and when, but my yard belongs in a horror movie

  10. If you go down the road and every one waves,flip you off for taking the whole road,or they look at you funny and then smile

  11. Your fields are far better tended than your yard!

    You invite your seed reps, fertilizer dealers, and banker to weddings and graduation celebrations.

    You spend $50/week on lunch meat during planting, harvest, and hay season.

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