Farmers Showing American Pride

American Farmers are the backbone of our society. They work from dusk til dawn and then some to make sure there is food and fiber for the world. To honor their country, Farmers decorate their tractors, planters, combines and other farm equipment with the very thing that represents our free country, the American Flag. Check out some shots sent to us by your fellow farmers below!

(Credit: Ryan M.)


(Credit: Ashton S.)
(Credit: Jason M.)
(Credit: Nick E.)
(Credit: Ethan K.)
(Credit: Brad C.)
(Credit: John B.)
(Credit: Ashton S.)
(Credit: Darcy P.)
(Credit: Darcy P.)
(Credit: Darcy P.)
(Credit: Jamie D.)
(Credit: Jacob C.)
(Credit: Russel B.)
(Credit: Tylar S.)
(Credit: Tylar S.)
(Credit: Ellen L.)
(Credit: Darin H.)
(Credit: Mitchell N.)
(Credit: Brad G.)


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