How to Buy A SkidSteer

9f45edbe-4f53-4d2d-b5e3-db2910c85ec3Is it time to upgrade that helping hand? Or are you just looking to get yourself started with the beauty that is a skidsteer? Either way -we’ve got some tips to help you with buying or upgrading!

  1. Figure out what you’re wanting to do with it. what types of chores will you be accomplishing with a skidsteer? This will help you determine any contraints or physcial requirements you should look for.
  2. Vertical vs. Radial lift – once you’ve determined the chores that you will be looking to do with a skidsteer, you can then determine whether you’ll need vertical or radial lift. Vertical will benefit you if most of what you do is eye level or above. Radial will help with those lower level/below eye level jobs.
  3. Attachments – a wide variety of attachments are available for may different tasks. The most important thing to pay attention to is that the attachment will fit the skidsteer that you’ve got in mind and vice versa.
  4. Tires – know the terrain that you’ll be covering and factor that in as well. You want to make sure your skidsteer will have the right tires for where you need it to go.
  5. Maintenance – as with every piece of equipment, maintenance will be necessary. If you’re planning on doing maintenance yourself, then it is important to pay attention to what you would be comfortable and familiar with doing and fixing.
  6. Hydraulics – depending on the attachment(s) that you have in mind, you will need to make sure the hydraulics match up. Most skidsteers come with a standard hydraulic package, but if you are wanting to do something a bit more intense, you may need to upgrade your hydraulics.
  7. Resale – it’s good to keep resale value in the back of your mind, even if you want to keep the skidsteer for years and years. You never know what circumstances, good or bad, may arise causing you to have to resell.
  8. Try them out – don’t be afraid to kick a few tires on different models. This is quite the investment you’re making. Go to several dealerships to get a feel for all of your options.

Let help you start your shopping journey to your next Skidsteer!

One thought on “How to Buy A SkidSteer

  1. Your suggestion to keep in mind the skidsteer when looking for attachments was very smart. Each attachment is different and fits different skidsteers so purchasing the correct one the first time helps ensure that you are saving money and time. Getting the correct attachment also means you are sure that it will work the way that you intended it to.

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