The Best Uses for Construction Equipment on the Farm

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Skidsteers are beneficial for many aspects on the farm – whether it’s cleaning out calf pens to stacking hay bales to carrying livestock (they can be stubborn sometimes!).

Check out this video of a hay operation picking up large bales using a skidsteer.


Forklifts make the lifting easy when it comes to doing anything from stacking pallets or moving them to lifting heavy equipment (hey you never know!).

Check out how this farmer uses Forklifts on his sod farm.


Graders are the go-to piece of equipment when you need to create any type of surface area – whether that’s a flat ground, ditch, or lines for drainage tile.

Now, you won’t need something this big, but check this grader out!


Backhoes are useful for a lot on the farm but primarily, they’re needed for digging holes for new buildings, fences, or tree removal.

Check out this one in action – perfect for the smaller farms.

Forestry equipment

Cutting down trees to clear some land? Or are you considering getting into the timber business? Either way – forestry equipment is a necessity for quickly and safely cutting down and removing trees.

Check out how this equipment combined with a skidsteer makes tree removal easy and fun!

For more construction equipment needs, start your search on today!

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